Public Relations

We are your storytellers with a variety of megaphones at our disposal.

An integrated public relations campaign reinforces your brand’s messages to targeted audiences through the added credibility of independent endorsements. Looking for thought leadership, reputation management or good old-fashioned publicity to improve your business? We’ve got a plan for that.

We work behind the scenes to help content managers fill columns and airtime. The consumer understands there is a gatekeeper that objectively thinks the story is worth bringing to their attention. Editors, reporters and assignment managers take our calls because we’ve established productive relationships with them. And everyone lives happily ever after.

We are proven experts at helping you identify compelling stories and the specific media that will provide the greatest impact for you. The key is repetition and consistency.

We scour editorial calendars, pitch our contacts directly and frequently, and keep an eye out for trends and opportunities. We employ a rigorous process to ensure we achieve the desired results as a team. Group high fives are important to us.

GreenRubino’s team has delivered powerful and measurable results for clients in a variety of industries—from healthcare to hospitality and many more.