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Social Media

Social media is moving so fast, it’s not even called social media anymore. The digital trailblazers are calling it content marketing, and it’s all about getting strategic with your hello’s and howyadoin’s. These days having a robust content marketing strategy is essential for brand awareness, positive sentiment and trust building with your customers and early-adopting-teenage-stepchildren of potential customers. It allows you to genuinely share your knowledge, expertise and passions without being too salesy. Middle schoolers are great at it, but we have to try harder.

A well-managed content strategy is confusing. You need an idea, a plan, a voice, a tone, a style. Then you need a good mix of well-created, purposeful content: blog posts, white papers, microsites, visuals, videos, bylines, infographics, presentations, and that is just so many things. Once the content is developed, it then needs to be set free to be found by the right audience.

It gets published on your blog, sent in your monthly email and posted on your Facebook page. It gets disseminated to your team, and then your team gets weirded out because you said disseminated, and then the content gets circulated on LinkedIn and pitched to journalists. Which nuggets of content do you pay to promote and how much do you invest? What does success look like? How do you measure and optimize? Are you my mother?

Our content marketing approach is truly brandidextrous. Yes, we have a full-service social media team and we had a PR department before Twitter was a company, though we take it beyond just that. We bring in the right team members from strategy, brand, PR, creative and digital to ensure you are getting the right mix of expertise across disciplines. They work under one direction and with one goal: to ensure that your audience not only sees your content, but interacts with your brand in a purposeful, meaningful way. Muuuch more meaningful than a like. Much more.