THE CHALLENGE: 2020. And 2021.

THE WORK: Over the last few years, we’ve all been spending more time at home and accumulating more stuff. To help clear our minds, we thought we’d clear out our closets and lose everything that made us feel ‘boxed in.’ The Box-it-up initiative encouraged GR employees to donate anything they no longer needed. We pulled out all the stops and supplied everyone with (pause for effect) a box. We then sorted the donations and delivered everything to different charities. And because we’re a full-service creative agency, we just had to make a microsite and case study to showcase the project. 

THE RESULTS: 26 jam-packed boxes full of things like jackets, cookware, electronics, and one nun’s habit—raising over $2,300 in donated goods. Charities and people in need benefited from the donations, and everyone at GR felt good doing it.