THE CHALLENGE: Venture Travel is Alaska’s premiere expedition company, offering everything from wildlife tours to ziplines. But with different brands for each experience, their position in the market was confusing and disjointed, hardly capitalizing on the company’s iconic status in Alaska.

THE WORK: Soup to nuts rebranding. We consolidated four existing business entities and created a single, unified, compelling brand. We collaborated closely with their team to make sure messages were aligned, and then created a new company name, new logo, new visual identity, new brand guidelines, new collateral and a new website. All of which embraced the strengths of the existing companies while capturing their promise of rugged discovery in Alaska.

THE RESULTS: A complete re-organization of the company itself. An entirely new brand that better reflects their local and deep Alaskan legacy. Vastly improved cross-selling opportunities. And a website that, in the words of our client, “absolutely meets our needs now and into the future.”