THE CHALLENGE: It’s not an exaggeration to suggest the healthcare industry is growing and changing faster than just about any other, and not always for the better in the minds of many. Keeping up with the pace, the business challenges, and the regulatory demands often means patients are the ones being left behind. To MultiCare’s credit, they have worked extremely hard and intelligently to build and maintain a growing, community-based healthcare organization that remains squarely committed to, and focused on, their patients.

THE WORK: “We’re here for you” has been MultiCare’s tagline and promise to their customers for some time. Yet during the conceptual phase of the first campaign we created for them, we recommended a simple edit that would transform the message to a more meaningful promise. The new line, “We hear you and we’re here for you” not only resonated more personally with their audiences, it brought one of their core strengths, being good listeners, to the forefront of their marketing. It also became the springboard for a creative campaign that allowed us to focus on understanding each patient’s needs on a deeper level—listening to, and genuinely hearing, a patients concerns and expectations in order to better meet their needs.

How did we get the audiences’ attention? With a campaign that at first blush, appears to be for a dating site. People openly talking about their needs in a relationship.

THE RESULTS: We’re in the campaign’s infancy, but if early returns and high praise are any indication, people are hearing the messaging loud and clear. Proof that even a simple turn-on-a-phrase can help turn audiences into advocates. Who knew listening could resonate so loudly?