THE CHALLENGE: Much has changed in the world of healthcare in the last decade. MultiCare itself has changed, embarking on a mission to deliver a new brand promise – to be a health care champion. They turned to us to refresh and elevate the brand to better represent the organization they’ve become, to shift perceptions and to build preference in their South Sound and Inland Northwest markets.

THE WORK: Not so surprisingly, many of the traits one looks for in a doctor are the same traits one looks for in a long-term relationship. Honesty. Trust. Empathy. A sense of humor. Above all, someone who listens. This simple but undeniable insight gave us the springboard we needed for work that was unexpected. The image of smiling doctors walking down a sunlight-streaming hospital hallway is ubiquitous in the category. Comparing the search for a doctor to the search for that special someone on a dating site? Not so much.

THE RESULTS: A new, unified brand message and campaign – their first in seven years – and a welcome departure from the usual approach to healthcare marketing. We overcame the logistical challenges of commercial production during the pandemic to create a multimedia campaign that includes television, radio, digital ads, social media, billboards and a landing page. And if the client reaction is any indication, our message about doctors who actually listen is coming through loud and clear.