THE CHALLENGE: PAWS is a nonprofit dedicated to rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, sheltering and adopting homeless cats and dogs, and educating people about compassion for animals.

Dependent on donor funding, PAWS had been making do with an outdated website that began to limit their ability to accomplish mission critical functions, especially as mobile users were unable to donate online and view animals for adoption.

Years of content additions amplified poor user experiences. Information was buried in layers, making navigation challenging. And the platform’s inability to feature media and video contributed to a text-heavy site, causing increased bounce rates and user frustration.

With annual increases in website traffic, particularly mobile, a complete overhaul was required.

THE WORK: Long-time supporters of PAWS, GreenRubino crafted a new website with a seamless user experience while removing all barriers for mobile users wanting to donate money or view adoptable animals. Our support included donating some of our time to ensure the redesign was feasible.

We conducted a complete overhaul of the website—site architecture, front-end experience and back-end content management system. We worked closely with department-wide stakeholders through research, audits and analysis to unearth valuable strategic insights that informed design.

THE RESULTS: Modular UX/UI designs and subtle animations complemented our storytelling approach and evolved the experience from content-heavy to content-rich. Streamlined messaging and GR produced videos/photography allow users to scan and explore the site effortlessly.

The organization is now armed with a scalable WordPress CMS customized to meet their publishing needs now and well into the future. The new responsive site easily scales across all screens and devices. Mobile users can now donate and view adoptable animals, solving the two most critical online needs for PAWS.

Since launch, bounce rates have dropped 16% while page views are up over 20%!