THE CHALLENGE: Pima Medical Institute has been the leading healthcare career college for over 40 years. But low unemployment, a crowded category and competitors mimicking Pima’s marketing approach called for a new way to find and talk to the people most likely to start a new career in healthcare.

THE WORK: Our insight came in identifying the ‘Aha moment.’ That’s when people recognize the need to make a change in their lives, but don’t know where to start. Understanding the fears and motivations behind that moment, we crafted a relevant and moving campaign that not only looked and sounded unlike anything else but spoke meaningfully to our target audience at every step of the way. From awareness to education to consideration, we delivered the right message to the right people at every phase of the funnel, showing prospective Pima students how they could ‘get there from here,’ until another lead is acquired.

THE RESULTS: Though we’re awaiting year-end numbers, we’re proud to be a vital partner in helping Pima continue to change thousands of lives for the better.