THE CHALLENGE: Schweitzer Mountain Resort wanted increased bookings and visits and identified a highly targeted audience: families on Seattle’s Eastside. Our challenge was to craft a message that would resonate with people who lived six hours away and had little, if any, awareness of Schweitzer.

THE WORK: Leveraging what we know about Eastside families, we positioned Schweitzer as the perfect way for parents to reconnect with their kids in the midst of their overly scheduled, overly technological lives. With streaming audio, digital banners, print ads, Facebook ads and PR, we showed families how Schweitzer could help them disconnect from their devices and reconnect with each other.

THE RESULTS: A 21% increase in Eastside skiers. 44% increase in Eastside stays. 22% increase in Eastside season pass holders. 14% increase year-over-year in room nights booked from Seattle. And a 31% increase year-over-year in lodging spend from the Seattle metro area.