THE CHALLENGE: Seattle Southside includes a handful of cities just a short light rail ride away from the tourist mecca of Seattle. As a new tourism authority, they needed a plan and a brand that would define the region’s appeal to tourists and identify strategies for future growth. In other words, we needed to put ’em on the map.

THE WORK: We implemented qualitative and quantitative research with consumer and business audiences and then worked with them to create business, brand and strategic plans. The research revealed a “You can do more when you visit Seattle Southside” strategy, which in turn led to a comprehensive marketing plan that was the basis for an integrated campaign that encouraged visitors to do more in “Seattle’s Backyard.”

THE RESULTS: Display ad sessions surged 125%. Homepage visits grew by 190%. Downloads of sales materials increased by 300%. Mobile visits are up 458%. And most notably, hotel occupancy rates in “Seattle’s Backyard” have risen 7% year over year since we launched our campaign.