THE CHALLENGE: Fast food and even faster-growing Shake Shack has a cult following in New York. But in Seattle? Not so much. In the land of Dick’s (don’t know Dick’s? Come to Seattle and we’ll take you to what – until now – has been the best burger in town), how do you convince people that this new burger is cult-worthy so they can hit the ground running in their newest market?

THE WORK: The mad skills from GR’s Public Relations team led to the perfect concoction of earned articles, TV segments, and guest appearances. Toss in a brilliantly unexpected collaboration with Seattle’s prestigious fine dining icon, Canlis, to co-throw a pop-up block party in their parking lot, and Shake Shack earned instant cred in Seattle.

THE RESULTS: 300 million media impressions and 15,000 RSVPs for the pop-up event (more than tripling the goal) that elevated Shake Shack in an instant to iconic status in its newest location.