THE CHALLENGE: Snoqualmie Casino opened in 2008 with a glitzy ad campaign from an LA-based agency positioning Snoqualmie as a swanky, Vegas-style destination. After the initial hype died down, so did casino visitation and customer spend. Their slick positioning wasn’t a true representation of the Northwest culture or the local gaming audience and wasn’t resonating with customers. Ultimately, they turned to GreenRubino to reestablish their brand with true differentiation and ownability. We leveraged their iconic setting, indigenous design, and exceptional service to create “Above it All.” This distinctive brand position was bolstered by promotions and entertainment vital to growing their customer base.

THE WORK: A fully integrated marketing plan provided the foundation for the creative expression of the new brand. The campaign led with video that rose above cliché casino advertising. As Snoqualmie’s agency of record, we contributed to virtually all their marketing—digital/traditional tactics to support promotions, ongoing branding, sports sponsorships, public relations, logo development, visual identity, website, and added-value media opportunities that gave the casino “in content” airtime.

THE RESULTS: After launching the new brand, positive response was overwhelming both internally and externally. Employees rallied with pride to deliver an “Above It All” experience casino-wide. And customers warmly embraced the new brand. Snoqualmie continually set year-over-year records for visitation and revenue in excess of 10% annually for each of the five years we led their marketing efforts.